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2008-03-30 21:19:42 by marc1k1

Hello I am in progress of thinking of a New Flash for NG but Its very hard to make a flash you people will like , As i have seen with my prevouis Flash's but the next time i submit a movie , It might not suck XP!

Sorry , No new flash's

2007-09-17 15:57:22 by marc1k1

Sorry guys nothing new , my last post was a load of bullshivy! i got to making it and got board WAH!HHH!!!!!! booho.. muahahah

New Flash's!

2007-08-19 23:00:15 by marc1k1

Yay! , I'm currently making two new flash's
1: Final Fantasy - Maaku
2: Bleach - Short Loop

I hope they stay on NG , I will try my absolute hardest to make them with smoother animation and better sound qulity , Thanks if any one comments on my movies or this.